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It’s not about what you know, it's about who you know

Network within the Kittitas Community

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Connecting Kittitas County Core Values


Being aware is a very important value to hold, when being involved in a networking group.Being aware of your connection’s needs, their requests, their services and offers and being aware of the opportunity to refer your connection out. Hearing subtle needs and complaints that can turn that into a business opportunity for your connection, and solve the individual's need.


Referral networking takes trust, you trust the connection’s ability to complete the service. Referral’s are especially relying on trust, when connection’s know you are good for your word, when referring you out to friends and family. It is also important to keep that trust, as your connection’s referral is a reflection of their reputation.


There are many mundane tasks that go into success, why not make fun out of the opportunities you can. Building relationships and friendships, engaging in meaningful, growth based conversation, getting that interaction over a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop is fun! Enjoy the time, smile!


About Connecting Kittitas County

Are you a local business owner, looking to expand? Build relationships with other business owners in our county?

Connecting Kittitas County is a local group that encourages business owners, with the purpose of networking, to get together to:

  1. Build working relationships

  2. Learn from successful local individuals

  3. Gain referrals and build a referral based system

  4. Have a contact in any industry


In Connecting Kittitas County, our goal is to have one person in each field, representing their specialty/ industry/ practice. This allows us to have a specific person to refer out, when coming across new people and listening to the needs of others, in our day to day lives.

Interested in joining?

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